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Delivering a smile through your mailbox for more than 25 years

We are Artige, a Dutch greeting card publisher. We had the honor of celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2022! We are a warm family company with passion for greeting cards and go the extra mile for our customers. All our collections are developed, designed and printed in Europe, some are even printed near our hometown Doetinchem. Most of our collections are designed by our very own enthusiastic and creative designteam.

The greeting card is such a beautiful product! We work with a team of amazing people on a product that delivers a smile through mailboxes everyday, everywhere. Everytime we launch a new collection, we are so excited to see how this collection is received, both by the shopowner and customer. What a great challenge to try and surprise them time after time!

We have a variety of unique collections. The finishing may vary from over the top with embossing and gold foil to more simple collections without finishing.

Would you like to know more about us or our collections?

We’d love to chat with you!

Dorothé Hollander
T +31 314 378788