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About us

In 2022 Artige celebrates its 25th anniversary. Something worth celebrating! My thoughts go back to how it all started with a dream. An own company, how great would that be… With three young children this dream seemed too big. Should we give it a try or not?

We decided to give it a go! We put all of our savings aside and started from the tiniest room in our house. At a tradeshow in Frankfurt I met an English publisher who mainly sold African inspired artcards. With this publisher, John Norris, I instantly connected. We received the rights to sell this beautiful collection Prime Arts in the Netherlands and Belgium. This is where our adventure started.

The situation we’re in now, goes beyond our imagination. We work in a team of beautiful people who make sure that every day people receive a smile through their mailbox. We keep on developing new collections, this never stops. It’s always exciting to see how these collections are received.

A greeting card is such an amazing product. The past years we’ve learnt that even in times of crisis good things happen: people make each other happy with a greeting card, they send a smile through the mailbox.

My dream came true! And it keeps on growing. My young children from 25 years ago now have taken their own place in our family company, where the entire team actually feels like one big family.

Ton Hollander